Who am I? I'm a russian guy who likes tinkering with computers. Some more on me you can read on neocities' page.

Why am I doing all of this? I run my machines 24/7 anyway, so why not make them do some useful work that they can handle. Such as simple radio, file share via HTTP and FTP, Tor relay and I2P node, e-mail server, web and so on.

Why am I almost “doxxing” myself? Yes, since I host straight from my home you can get my city, but so can I do with you (if you don't use VPN or Tor :)). I don't think that's a problem. What's more important is that my data belongs only to me and I can access it from anywhere. :) That was a main goal of having a home server.

But in addition I have my age, name and surname disclosed! Not a big deal for me as well. :)

Why particularly that slogan? I just wanted sort of a slogan that'd fit under the logo and that was the first thing came in my mind. And eventually it became permanent as everything that was ever meant to be temporary. :) I actually like it. Don't you think of your websites as of very special place of your own? Of course you do. :) And who we are if not the wanderers that are wandering through the Intenets in searching for something we'd like? xD

Why English only? I want this place to be accessible by wide audience, and English happen to be todays lingua franca. Second, I do that to practice English. And I'm lazy to maintain two versions of the same thing.

P.S.: Yeah, I'm not so glad that this site partially repeats neocities' one.

Contact information and banners are at the bottom of this page. Yes, I totally agree with you not wanting to add my banner since I don't have a link page myself. :) Well, it's way easier to make a banner than a links page. :)

My cat :3

My cat. :3

My servers

I have two of them, the first one is a Raspberry Pi 3 rev. B single board computer and the second one is a laptop. Yeah, not quite impressive, but they do their work just fine.

Laptop is Acer Packard Bell TE69CX that has a 2 core Intel Pentium 2117U 1.8GHz and 10GB RAM (2GB + 8GB), the system disk is a 120GB SSD and the other one is 500GB HDD where all the shit I have is stored. I'm fine with that storage, yes I'd like to have more and mirrored in RAID 1, but that's fine. Everything that is just a bit important is backed up, encrypted and stored in the clouds. :)

TL;DR about services. Laptop runs a network file share, a seedbox, a FTP/HTTP file share, TeamSpeak 3, Mumble, Matrix, I2P, an internet-radio, git server, ClamAV for email server, a web-server, and a database. Raspberry Pi 3 runs OpenVPN, BIND9, DNSCrypt-proxy, a Tor relay, an email server, and a XMPP server.

Raspberry Pi 3 rev. B
Raspberry Pi 3 rev. B
Acer Packard Bell TE69CX

Public services

That are available for everyone.


Service is running.

Runs using Liquidsoap through Icecast, which goes through NGiNX. I broadcast almost everything I have. Sorry, but I'm too lazy to make some kind of broadcasting program to stream so I just randomise the playlist and throw new music there from time to time.

FTP and HTTP file share

Service is running.

vsFTPd. And now available through HTTP.

There you'll find music, videos, films, animes, TV shows, books, games, programs, drivers (a very few), OS images (Winblows :)). Go check it out!


Service is running.

Gitea. This is a place where I put source code of everything I ever wrote and consider useful and worth sharing.

Tor relay

It is set to use 8 MBits of my Internet connection. It cannot became a guard node because of dynamic IP-address that changes every 10 days.

I2P router

I help the network using an official I2P router.

Private services

That are available for a narrow circle of people.

E-Mail server

Service is running.

Postfix, Dovecot (w/Sieve), Spamassassin, ClamAV, OpenDMARC and OpenDKIM.

Alas, I don't have a static IP. And there is not much sense in it because my ISP doesn't offer reverse DNS for regular clients.

It results in my messages ends up in a spam box at best. Well, Yandex lets me in an Inbox. :)


Service is running.

Prosody. Only I can register for security's sake.

Think on shutting it down, because no one of my friends uses it anyway.


Service is running.

Synapse. Think on dumping XMPP in favour of it.


Service is running.


It's private, but you still can join an entrance room where you can only write messages. A certificate is necessary.

TeamSpeak 3

Service is running.


Same as with Mumble applies to TS. It's security level is set to 34, so is yours identifier's level should be at least that high.

Game servers

All game servers are private, if there's exception I'll mention it in its description. They are listed in a section below.

Some servers are listed in an in-game server list and theirs names looks like “Arav's dwelling / <Game name>”.

And, of course, I don't run them simultaneously and start them only when needed.

Expect poor performance because the server is a low-end laptop.

Game servers


Service is down.

Version is 1.16.4 currently. I homebrew clients for it. Here is an installer for Windows I make with NSIS. And a ZIP archive that is for both Windows and Linux. You'll need to set a PLAYER and MC_DIR variables in scripts. And change JVM_PARAMS to your preferences (-Xmx usually needs to be adjusted).

And you can get jre-8u281-windows-x64.exe from my file share.

SHA-1 hash for a Windows installer is D9D97BA99C74176D47C9E163A0E6B723145E5040.

SHA-1 hash for a ZIP archive is F743FEB9CF8F6C7A0477904C33CD65163E20E049.


Service is down.

Server is using a Frackin' Universe mod.

Don't forget to set “Allow assets mismatch” option that you can find on the first page of the “Options” menu.

Access is restricted using accounts. Contact me if you want to play here, you'll need to give me a nickname and a password.


Service is down.

Server is listed in a server list as “Arav's dwelling / Avorion”. Whitelist enabled. Bring your SteamID64 if you want to play here.


TShock. But it's not used. Just wanted to look at TShock.

Inner services

Services that maintains other services or used exclusively by me.



Database server




Network file share

Samba and NFS.

Torrent seedbox

Transmission-cli gets shit done.

The only annoying thing is that it sometimes creates .part files for one of unchecked files.

Print server

CUPS with CCP (Canon CAPT printer).

DNS server

At first I wanted to learn more about DNS and now BIND9 serves a DNS cache and domain zone for my LAN. I also use DNSCrypt-proxy to encrypt DNS traffic and added OpenNIC records so I have access to that domains.

PGP key:5A2E CA58 F93E B5C4 4F02 D50B 1327 FE8A 374C C86F (available through Web Key Directory)


In case you found my site anyhow useful and like to add me to your links page here are the banners for you.

Light banner 88x31
Light banner 240x60

And theirs dark counterparts are also available.

Dark banner 88x31
Dark banner 240x60

Privacy statements

I respect your privacy as my own, and now I got rid of any JavaScript code, and now theme is switched based on your OS's preference using media query.

This website collects access logs which includes a date and time of access, your IP-address, User-Agent, referer URL that tells me where have you came from and a request itself. Additionally there is a GeoIP information being stored that is gathered from your IP-address for convenience of logs analysing. It includes country, region, and city.

FTP server also collects access logs which includes a date and time of access, your IP-address and the commands sent.