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Article on userdir in NGiNX rewrote to be an article with recipes for it.

Yep, I think whole article for such a small thing is too much, so now there is an article with recipes and tips for NGiNX.

Now there is info on how to implement userdir functionality and a note about how NGiNX works with HTTP headers.

Laptop's RAM update.

Today I replaced old 1333MHz 2GB stick with a new 8GB 1600MHz. Now laptop has 10 gigs. I am to figure out what to fill it with. :)

Tor and I2P access for this site and files.

I was thinking why not to make my place available through Tor and I2P. So after minor links fixing I made this place work like a charm through darkweb. Currently only main website and file share are available.

t42fkp6zp5dfqywantq3zp427ig3q2onrmfv246tyaztpg4ckb5a.b32.i2p and file share.

moq7aejnf4xk5k2bkaltli3ftkhusy2mbrd3pj23nrca343ku2mgk4yd.onion and file share.

Article on userdir in NGiNX.

I thought why not to make an article on how to implement a userdir functionality in NGiNX. Maybe, someone will want to implement this on their server.

And, an article on e-mail server is hard to finish, because every time I sit on it I find flaws in e-mail server's configuration, LMAO.

Recent updates.

I did a good work at this website. Especially I love that heading with a name of a site's section under the nav menu. And I finally made this section. I keep moving on. Next major step is to make a links page. My banners are ready, but no one would add me if I won't have a place for theirs banners. :)

Yeah, still no updates to Neocities' website. Now I'm working on a design of this place, and once I'll be satisfied that place will get an update. I work on it too, especially on an about page's content. Last not noticeable update was changing link of a guestbook to a JS-free new one.

ScrapTheChan ver. 0.4.0 released.

Today I fixed most of noticed problems and released it. Changelog is behind the link.

Yay, fuck JS!

I rewrote the guestbook without JS. Hooray!

Dark theme is default from now.

Ok, in order to make flickering less painful I made dark theme default.

Uuhh, this motherfucker still flickers...

Is there a cure for it ... ? At least, I managed to reduce this soykaf.

Maintanance complete.

Thermal compound replaced, not much dust there was. It used to work at 62°C. Will see later. :) Now it runs on 49°C after 11 minutes. That only means I did everything right.

P.S.: Now it runs on 49-52°C. Nice.


It's time to replace a thermal compound in the laptop, so radio, FTP and Gitea would be down for a while today.

Dark theme flickering fixed.

Now a check for a current theme is inside a DOMContentLoaded event listener and script itself is now in a <head>.

I also added an async attribute to a guestbook's script so page won't wait for guestbook posts to load and won't flicker light theme because of that.

And I remade 88x31 banner and made banner's dark counterparts as well. So you have what to choose from. :)

Oh, PGP key wasn't accessible... Shite.

I just found that my PGP key isn't available. Now it is. I apologise to those who wanted it. According to logs this was a problem since the second half of september. :/

New banners.

I made new banners. They're pretty much the same as was before. I fixed frames order and logo now takes all width.

Looks like I'm back to work on this website.

And maybe I'll finally do something with my neocities' website. Maybe...

Quick rundown on what happened since the december of the last year.

At first I moved off to domain in december 2019 that I was gonna change with, maybe, old if it'll be available for cheap because renewal prices are too high for me. But then I found a new registrar with dirt cheap renewal price and now I have domain I've payed for 2 years and if nothing change I'll renew it again and again. So, yes, I finally found my domain that I'm not gonna switch if only I will be forced to.

And mostly because of my lazyness I wasn't updating for fucking 3 months. That's also because I was trying to reduce its about page.

Then at July 13th my RPi suddenly stopped working. It didn't take much time to realise that the problem was a dying HDD. Hopefully, fsck fixed filesystem and I successfully moved all the stuff onto another drive I took from a laptop that was holding my data. And at July 16th a new SSD arrivedto replace old laptop's system drive that now holds all my stuff and I came back online.


Konnichiwa. I made banners for my websites of 88x31 and 240x60 sizes.

Something like a diary, but not exactly. Thonk.jpg

Yesterday I was replacing a thermal compound on my PC.

Yesterday (19 Nov for me is it :)) I replaced a thermal compound on my PC, and, of course, it just couldn't be an ordinary procedure.

When I assembled everything back and turned on the PC it started swearing at me with 26 beeps and rebooting. I knew that it could be a problem with a RAM stick, but I didn't believe it. And I dissassembled it again and found that a few pins were bended and one missing (!). I fixed them all (around 5 didn't count) and was thinking what to do with that missing pin. I thought it was causing problem but searching led me to a pinout of the socket 1150 and that pin was doing something called VDDQ, and I found that it isn't a problem at all. There was a questionable pin SA_DQ57 (whatever it means), but I bended it a little and it's fine.

Oh, why I even took it from the socket? To clean it from an old thermal compound.

Well, I almost give in to a thought of taking a motherboard to a service and then I tried to put a RAM stick to the second slot and ... it worked! Shit, I don't know what happened. I've vacuumed the motherboard and was absolutely careful. No doubt I didn't break anything, yet, fuck. That vacuum cleaner isn't even powerful enough to suck in anything soldered.

But there's one breakage for sure. One of fixators of a cooler has broken. Shit. Now radiator isn't attached well to the CPU. Hopefully it led to the same temperatures as they was before at least. xD Don't want to whip up it with shit and bricks a zip tie, so I'd better get a new one. And I already ordered it, a little smaller, but supports socket AM4, so I will reuse it in the future, great.

What's next after all the stress I got? I'm going to replace a compound on my graphics card! Ahahahahaha! xDD

P.S.: I made a mindflow.html after I wrote this post.

Update: Okay, SA_DQ is a data bus for memory, so by bending that pin I lost first ram slot. Well, that's not because of cleaning at least.


Wow, nothing! xDDDD