Here lies everything I've made that I'm willing to share.


These articles are more like the sysadmin's notes. I describe those parts here that I did myself. The date here represents when article was updated last time.

NGiNX's recipes & tips
Setting up a mail server
Setting up a Tor proxy, relay and hidden service
How to move a root partition from SD card off to external drive on Raspberry Pi

Programs and scripts

Simple, yet useful (at least for me) programs and scripts I made.

February 2021Go

I will soon release two tools written in Go. I just want to finish them and give them proper names. The one is a wrapper for nsupdate BIND9's utility used for updating DNS resource records through a POST query. And the other one is a tool for monitoring up/down status of a set of processes and giving it out in form of a JSON object.

httpprocwatchd1.0.0 (12 March 2021)GoGPLv3source

It is a process watcher that gives processes' statuses in a JSON format via HTTP GET request on /processes endpoint. Under the hood it calls a pgrep to get PIDs by process name.

PiggyBank1.0.0 (8 July 2020)PythonMITsource releases

One of the most autistic shit I ever made. :)

Many years ago I wrote a little script to keep track of my piggy bank to learn how to work with SQLite 3 in Python.

Now I wanted to learn how to make packages that could be installed using pip. And I took that script and made a universal simple solution that can work with any currency (that script was nailed to rubles). I threw SQLite and made a simple text format.

ScrapTheChan0.4.0 (18 November 2020)PythonMITsource releases

Imageboards file scraper using theirs JSON API. Currently supported:,, and

Attention! Was made to the point it works. Lotta shitcode!

OpenNIC active domains extraction script10 July 2020BashMITsource

Bash script for BIND9 that extracts domains from zone files of OpenNIC and forms a list of domains that have an IP-address.


There was a period in my life when I was playing with audio sequencers. I lost all project files and only 3 tracks survived in mp3. You can get them here. I've maybe like 15-20-ish project files ever created and just like 5 of them was finished.