Here lies everything I've made that I'm willing to share.


These articles are more like the sysadmin's notes. I describe those parts here that I did myself. The date here represents when article was updated last time.

How to implement userdir functionality on NGiNX
Setting up a mail server
Setting up a Tor proxy, relay and hidden service
How to move a root partition from SD card off to external drive on Raspberry Pi


Simple, yet useful (at least for me) programs I made.


Version: 1.0.0 (8 July 2020) | Language: Python | License: MIT

Source code | Releases

One of the most autistic shit I ever made. :)

Many years ago I wrote a little script to keep track of my piggy bank to learn how to work with SQLite 3 in Python.

Now I wanted to learn how to make packages that could be installed using pip. And I took that script and made a universal simple solution that can work with any currency (that script was nailed to rubles). I threw SQLite and made a simple text format.


Version: 0.4.0 (18 November 2020) | Language: Python | License: MIT

Source code | Releases

Imageboards file scraper using theirs JSON API. Currently supported:,, and

Attention! Was made to the point it works. Lotta shitcode!


Some scripts I wrote and think worth sharing.

OpenNIC active domains extractor

Version: 10 July 2020 | Language: Bash | License: MIT

Source code

Bash script for BIND9 that extracts domains from zone files of OpenNIC and forms a list of domains that have an IP-address.


There was a period in my life when I was playing with audio sequencers. I lost all project files and only 3 tracks survived in mp3. You can get them here. I've maybe like 15-20-ish project files ever created and just like 5 of them was finished.